Movies and Photographs

Welcome, grab some snacks and pull up a chair. There are slide-shows and movies of the Wading and Oswego Rivers that we hope you will enjoy. These rivers reveal the beauty of the Wharton State Forest and are easy for beginners.

  • Slide-show presentations contain from twelve to sixteen photographs.
  • Movies are two to three minutes long.

Bodine Field to Chips Folly

Evans Bridge to Beaver Branch

Hawkin Bridge to Evans Bridge

Godfrey Bridge to Beaver Branch

Oswego Lake to Harrisville Lake

Hawkin Bridge to Bodine Field

Hawkin Bridge to Beaver Branch

Speedwell Bridge to Evans Bridge

Speedwell Bridge to Beaver Branch

Additional Photographs

Show Us Your Pics

During the bus rides we see a lot of nice cameras, so we're pretty sure some of you have a keen eye for photography. Got a great group photo or how about an interesting wildlife scene. Spot a rare flower with your camera and Micks wants to put it on our web site. Click here to see what other customers have sent. Only your best work, please. The e-mail address is:

Ownership Notice

Photographic images, music and movies are the property of Micks Pine Barrens Canoe and Kayak Rental and Chazz Partners, Incorporated.
Google Earth images and YouTube movies are the copyright of Google, Incorporated.
Customer submitted photographs are the property of that person.

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